Covid-19 (coronavirus) information – please note that all future sessions will be completed via Video Call (Zoom) only and that prices have been updated to reflect this.

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Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession that specialises in musculoskeletal problems.

We start off talking; most important is to get an idea what you want to get out of our session(s). Everything is led by you and I explain what we’re doing as we go along.

Treatment is tailor-made for you and takes into account your preferences (hands-on / exercises / advice / ergonomics) and lifestyle. Eg. you may prefer to focus on doing any exercises at work, rather than using up precious time at home. So we would want to focus on suitable positions and making them quick and easy to fit into this. You may prefer a more hands-on approach. I can support that by providing advice and recommendations for equipment so you can release off tension and pain outside of our sessions, to prolong and increase the benefits of this.

Your First Session: We start off with your medical history (I normally send you a form in advance but if more convenient, we can fill this out during the session), talk through any problems you may have and how they affect you. If relevant and if you’re happy to go ahead, we might have a look at your tummy, any scars, your breathing, any gap in your abdominals, how your body moves and how strong different parts of your body are. I may have a gentle feel of your tummy/any painful areas.

If pain is your primary issue, the aim is to keep your pain levels as low as possible while we have a feel and look at what is going on and our treatment will focus on trying to reduce the pain levels down and how you can do this at home without me.

How Many Sessions?: Evidence has shown that it normally takes 4-6 sessions to get the most out of Physiotherapy treatment. For complex conditions, particularly if you have had them for several months, this may take longer to resolve and require more sessions. We’ll aim to get an idea of what we can achieve together and how long I think it will take, by the end of your first session.

Pelvic Floor Assessment: As part of my Physiotherapy sessions, for those it is relevant to, I can complete a digital vaginal/rectal examination to asses your pelvic floor/prolapse/pain. This is NOT obligatory and is only completed after discussion with you and if you are happy to go ahead. If you know you would like such an exam to be completed on your first session, please mention this when booking.


All participants are required to fill out a health questionnaire and consent form prior to starting their first session.
This allows me to screen for anything that would make participation unsafe or, more commonly, to allow me to help identify the issue at hand, any factors that may be contributing towards it and help us address it.

Physio Form | Prenatal Physio Form | Postnatal Physio Form


I can provide Physiotherapy services in your own home or from my home clinic.

All sessions start with an Initial Assessment (up to 60mins) to allow time to get an idea of the issue(s) to be addressed and to begin treatment. Follow up sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 mins long, depending on your needs. A standard follow-up is 30mins.

I provide Physiotherapy sessions within my home (Ash, Surrey).

  • Initial Assessment: £60
  • Follow Up (30mins): £40
  • Follow Up (45mins): £50
  • Follow Up (60mins): £60

Home Visits
To find out if I provide mobile Physiotherapy sessions in your area, please see here.

  • Initial Assessment: £80
  • Follow Up (30mins): £55
  • Follow Up (45mins): £65
  • Follow Up (60mins): £75

Zoom (Video Call)

  • Initial Assessment: £50
  • Follow Up (30mins): £30
  • Follow Up (45mins): £40
  • Follow Up (60mins): £50

If using Zoom, you will be emailed a link to join the call. I recommend following the steps here to check you are set up to make the most of our time together.

You will also need to complete a health questionnaire and consent form and email this back to me before the start of the first session.

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