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I now offer my Pilates classes, Physiotherapy sessions and Pilates 1:1s via Video Call, using ‘Zoom‘.

Given the current climate with its potential financial strains, alongside reduced overheads with online working and limitations to normal service provision, both my Pilates group classes and Physiotherapy Zoom sessions are discounted.

Pilates Classes / 1:1:

Zoom is a really easy to use way of getting us together for an interactive class/1:1 session, so you can see me demonstrate the exercises and I can see what you’re doing, to allow me to give feedback. Once set up the first time, it’ll be incredibly straight forward the next time (and it’s relatively easy to start with). You also don’t need to register with Zoom.

You’ll normally be sent the link for that class on the day / day before your booked class. If you haven’t received the link to the class via email an hour before class starts, please contact me.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Zoom is a lovely way to be able to provide help and support, when its not possible to be together in person.

While hands-on treatment is still available when needed, you’d be surprised how much we can still do together; from teaching you how to self-massage/apply tape (or teach your partner how to do this for you), give and modify exercises to address pain and improve range of movement, balance and strength, give advice and assess ergonomics for your desk or car, assess posture and teach some pain management tips and tricks.

For Pelvic Health issues, much of what we do is actually hands-off. I can teach you how to self-palpate for your pelvic floor to give us an ideas how to start addressing an issues here, give advice on bladder and bowel management, advise on pelvic belt fitting, lifting techniques, discuss prolapse management options and many more.

Zoom: A few things to note

  • Only those booked onto a class are able to join the call. Anyone else who tries to join in wont be admitted, even if they have the call link and password. Please remember to set your ‘name’ (it will be pre-filled for you as you join the call) to something I will recognise!
  • By clicking on the link in the email that lets you join the call, you are consenting to your session via video call. You can remove your consent at any time by leaving the call.
  • Privacy: Zoom is GDPR compliant – see here for more information on what this means: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360000126326-Official-Statement-EU-GDPR-Compliance and they’ve recently beefed up their security further.
  • Recording: While Zoom allows the host (aka me) to record the audio/video of any calls – I will very rarely record sessions and will ensure all attendees have consented to this prior to the class, before recording a session. For both of our safety and for training purposes, I will occasionally ask to record sessions. Zoom also has a warning system that lets you know if you’re being recorded and requires you to click to confirm your consent before it starts, so you are always in control.
  • I ask that all group class clients respect the privacy of any other participants in the call, by not taking any screenshots/photos or videos of this video call and to try and restrict, where possible, who may see the call alongside you. Please note that due to the nature of the call, it is not possible for me to ensure this. You’ll normally have me pinned on your screen, so you won’t normally see other attendees during the class anyway.

How does it work?:

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. For our purposes, it will allow me to see what you’re doing, from your webcam/built in camera and for you to see me demonstrating exercises/movements/posture/techniques.
You are always welcome to turn off your camera when you join the call, so we can’t see you (but you can still see me).

Classes: You are welcome to ask questions as we go along or utilise the private chat function with me, if you’d rather keep it between us.

I can talk you through how to ‘pin’ my video, so you only see me, rather than small screens of everyone else in the class but do ask that you read through the ‘How To‘ at the bottom of the page before joining your first Zoom class.

Getting started

  1. First off, find a quiet space, on the floor (with or without a mat, for your own comfort, and with enough space to move without hurting yourself or damaging your home) and a suitable device that you want to use. You can use Zoom on your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop/computer. Group and 1:1 Pilates sessions will have modifications for those that don’t have equipment to use (eg. ball/band/weights) but if you do have any of this, please ensure it is to hand before we start. I also recommend you grab a couple of cushions/pillows and have a drink to hand for the duration of the class.  For physiotherapy clients, you may be asked to partially undress, so please make sure you are in a private area, with enough space to move around, as needed.
  2. Set up your device where you can see it clearly – you may need to change its position once you’ve joined the call to make sure that I can see you properly (where possible). Cushions, heavy books and place mats make good impromptu device stands!
  3. You’ll receive an email from me with a link to the call for your session (it’ll look something like this):
    • Roz Brassington is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    • Topic: *****
    • Time: Mar 25, 2020 12:00 London
    • Join Zoom Meeting ( ************ )
    • Meeting ID: 123 123 1234
    • Password: *****
  4. When you click on the link to the call, if you’ve never used Zoom before (or not on that device), it will prompt you to install Zoom (either an app or a browser plugin). You do NOT need to register with Zoom to use this – you’re basically an anonymous ‘Guest’ user. It does need software to run though, which is why you need to install it. If you’re on a laptop, you can use it via a webpage, but this tends to be slow and can be more difficult to use.
  5. Once Zoom is installed, it will take you to the call screen – if I haven’t started the call yet (I’ll aim to start 5-10 mins before normal class starts), it will let you wait until I invite you in. If you are not immediately redirected to the call screen, go back to the invite email and click on the link again.
  6. It will ask you about Audio (‘computer audio’ – so I can hear you. You may already be able to hear me) and then you can manually choose to allow your video to be included (it’s not automatic). If it doesn’t seem to prompt you to do this, check along the bottom of your screen for a headphones image and click where it says to ‘Join Audio‘.
  7. Next to the headphone / microphone image, there should be an image of a video camera. If this is crossed through or says ‘Start Video‘, that means your video is not yet on / it’s turned off. Click on this to turn it on. You may already be able to see me but unless you turn the camera on, I cannot see you. Equally, if you’d rather not be seen during the class, you can choose to keep this off (but please turn it on briefly to say hi!).
  8. Classes: At any point in the class you can turn off your camera/audio to the rest of the group, while still being able to see and hear everyone else. It’s perfectly fine to do this but please let me know if you intend to turn off your video/microphone, so I can leave you to it!
    I may need to occasionally mute the entire class, to avoid background noise / improve audio quality. I normally ask you to give me a wave or use the chat function if you need to ask questions / have any issues while muted (so I can unmute you).

How To Guides



Laptop How To (windows):

I recommend starting at 2mins in and watch until about 6mins in.

If you have video issues with your laptop, please see here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4468232/windows-10-camera-microphone-and-privacy



Laptop (Apple) How To:

If he goes too fast, just pause and rewind.



Phone & Tablet How To:

Tablets are effectively very large phones (without the calling facility) and so will often look the same/very similar to what you would do on your phone.



iPhone / iPad Help


iPad Pinning

When using an iPad, the way it works is slightly different to a phone or other tablet. And despite repeated searching, I couldn’t find any help topics or videos on this. So I’ve made my own:

  • To ‘Pin’ the screen (so whoever talks, all you see is me), you’ll need to go to Speaker View (button towards the top left of the screen).
  • TIP: if you can’t see any of the ‘buttons’ – tap anywhere on the screen and they should come up. They will fade out if the screen is left alone for a while.
  • Once in Speaker view (you’ll have one video covering most / all of the screen – Gallery View will show you all the attendees in equal sized boxes), there should be a blue button at the bottom right of the screen (there may be a small video here too, with + and – buttons surrounding it).
  • Clicking on the + button will bring up your own video feed (normally your face at this point), if no mini video is on the bottom right already and clicking again should add anyone else who has already joined the call (eg. me). If you can already see your video feed in a small box in the bottom right corner, you should only need to click the + button once.
  • You may need to swipe left/right to find my video feed (my face).
  • If you click on my video feed, it will change the large main picture to me. The picture should now be pinned.
  • I recommend pressing the – button to drop the small video down to just your video feed in the bottom right corner (you can use this to help you check your technique). If you prefer, you can get rid of this entirely.



How to check your audio:


How to check your Video:



Zoom Website Help Topics:

Android: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/200942759-Getting-Started-with-Android

Apple: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362993-Getting-Started-with-iOS

If your camera isn’t working: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/202952568-My-Video-Camera-Isn-t-Working

If your microphone isn’t working: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/204484835-My-Audio-is-Not-Working-on-iOS-or-Android